Sunday, February 5, 2017

Karina Vetrano Case Solved

Howard Beach Jogger was Raped and Murdered

Reward Poster - photo by Joseph Giacalone
Karina Vetrano can rest easy now.

Karina's alleged killer, was brought in for questioning last night by members of the NYPD. A few hours later, he was under arrest. At the moment we don't know who the suspect is, but I'm sure that the media will be camped outside of the 106 Precinct in Howard Beach awaiting the "Perp Walk." That's when we will get the first glimpse of the attacker.

The NYPD and the Vetrano family has been rallying New York State lawmakers to allow Familial DNA searching in the case. With a reward over $200,000 for information on the case, the case was not looking good.

We still don't know how investigators zoned in on this subject. However, persistence and determination are the hallmarks of any criminal investigation. The main question now is did investigators get the Familial DNA test they desperately sought?

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