Friday, February 1, 2013

The Trifecta of Evil: Mass Murder, Spree and Serial Killers

Mass Murder, Spree and Serial Killers

Basic Training Video for the Trifecta of Killers

By: Joseph L. Giacalone

Unfortunately, we have had a number of serial. spree and mass murders, culminating in one of the most horrific events that this nation has witnessed, the murder of 26 children and faculty in Newtown, Connecticut.

I have prepared a short basic training video that defines the three (3) types of killers that law enforcement deals with from time-to-time. Having an understanding of what you are dealing with, allows a more productive approach in solving or stopping the event.

The three (3) basic killers used in psychological profiling are:

Mass Murderer
Spree Killer
Serial Killer

Not mentioned in the video are the two (2) subsets of mass murderers. They are "Classic" and "Family" mass murderers. The classic mass murder is defined as the killing of four (4) or more people at the same location. The family mass murderer kills four (4) or more family members.

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