Monday, February 18, 2013

The Mysterious Disappearance of Jessie Foster

Jessie Foster Missing Since 2006

May have been a victim of human trafficking 

By: Glendene Grant

March 29, 2006, the course of my life changed dramatically, when my 2nd oldest daughter, Jessie Foster, went missing. We (her family and friends) knew from the first day that something was terribly wrong because Jessie was in constant contact with us every day she was away from home. It was after we hired a private investigator that I knew Jessie was in danger.

Jessie may have been lured from her home in Canada to the USA by a sex-trafficker who promised vacations and the like. Jessie was last seen at 1009 Cornerstone Place, Las Vegas, Nevada, with her boyfriend. What happened to Jessie after that is a mystery.

I did not have a choice for this to happen and neither did Jessie – but I have CHOSEN to do everything that is within my power to stop this from happening to others. I do not want another person to experience the unimaginable horror that Jessie has and I do not want another mother to suffer the agony of losing her daughter to such despicable people.

Since Jessie went missing, I have been crusading against human trafficking by educating students in our high schools, occasionally with the head of the Kamloops & District Crime Stoppers, Mark Price, and at colleges and universities in British Columbia, Canada, and other conferences and events around the country. Most times, fundraising the money for the expenses myself.

There have been at least 9 books written and published that include Jessie’s case: INVISIBLE CHAINS: Canada’s Underground World of Human Trafficking by University of British Columbia Assistant Professor of Law, now working in our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s office in our nation’s capital, Ottawa, ON, Benjamin Perrin and MEMOIRS OF A SEX SLAVE by human trafficking survivor and the founder of the human trafficking organization, Walk-With-Me, Timea Nagy.

Jessie has also been featured in documentaries such as: E! Entertainment’s YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL & VANISHED: 15 Unthinkable Crimes and news reports focusing on human trafficking via television, newspaper, radio and internet media, including America’s Most Wanted, the Montel Williams Show and many, many others. I call my daughter “the most well-known unknown missing person” in the the world.

Jessie quickly became Canada’s poster-child for human trafficking. What has happened to Jessie has prompted me to start my own advocacy initiative to combat human trafficking entitled M.A.T.H. Mothers Against Trafficking Humans, on Facebook with over 12,000 members in the group and cause.

I will find Jessie or die trying. I will do anything I can to combat the crime that took my daughter away from her family and friends – away from her life. I will continue to educate others and I will counsel families and help turn victims into survivors.

There is a reward for this case and anyone with information is requested to call Las Vegas Crime Stoppers.

Thank you,
Glendene Grant

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