Friday, February 22, 2013

Exclusive Video Raises Questions About Officer's Death

Jersey City Officer Marc Dinardo

Question of Training Arises for SWAT Team

By:Joseph L. Giacalone

I made my television news debut this evening on Channel 7 New York, Eyewitness  News. 

Last year, SWAT member, PO Marc Dinardo was killed while attempting to take two individuals into custody that previously shot and wounded a Jersey City police officer as well as others. Unfortunately, upon entering the apartment where they were held up, Dinardo was shot numerous times and later succumbed to his wounds.

Officer Dinardo's wife is asking the Jersey City police to release records on the situation and has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the City and the Department. Her question, why was the SWAT team sent in, when no one was in danger? The general rule is always isolate and contain, slow the situation down and use all of the time necessary to bring the situation under control. 

Unfortunately, nothing will bring Marc Dinardo back, but other officer's may be saved if they learn exactly what transpired that morning.


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