Monday, January 28, 2013

Being a Good Samaritan Costs Daniel Lacross Sr. His Life

The Murder of Daniel Lacross Sr. Still Unsolved After 35 Years

Stopped along the highway to aid a female that was being beaten

By: Joseph L. Giacalone

Photo Courtesy of Dan Lacross Jr.
Daniel Lacross Sr., acted as a good Samaritan on the night of March 22, 1977, when he pulled over on the southbound ramp on Ohio Route 7 near the town of Brilliant, Ohio, where an unknown male and female had been fighting. Dan Lacross was repaid for his good willed gesture with a bullet through the heart.

The details of the event are sketchy. It seems as if Dan and his brother-in-law had just left the bar and was heading home when they stopped to assist the female who was being beaten in the street. When the shots rang out, his brother-in-law took cover behind the car and was able to get a plate number, but in the confusion may have made an error. 

There has been little movement in the case. However, according to a WTOV 9 News report, a denim cap and a stem from a pair of glasses were recovered at the crime scene. If those items were secured properly, and are still available, they may yield the DNA evidence necessary to break open the case.  

There is another witness to the events that transpired that night. A truck driver had phoned in the incident, but did not remain at the scene for police to arrive. That driver may have the information required to solve the case, only if he comes forward. Daniel’s widow, Barbara and their three sons have been waiting for justice now for over 35 years.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Detective Division of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department at 740-283-8611.

You can also submit an anonymous tip through Central Ohio Crime Stoppers

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  1. There are many unsolved murders in that area. I know there was a man also from Brilliant (Riddles Run) that his body was never found.