Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jimmy Hoffa Case Heating Up

Jimmy Hoffa on the Radar Again

Teamsters Boss Disappeared on July 30, 1975

By: Joseph Giacalone

Credit WJBK
According to, a new search is underway in one of America's most infamous missing persons cases, Jimmy Hoffa. This search is occurring in Michigan, again, for the former Teamsters boss. He is been allegedly buried all over the place, including the the old New York Football Giants stadium. But, now investigators are searching a driveway in the Michigan town of Roseville based on an informer's tip.

The Roseville Police are working a credible lead and has used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate voids in the soil which may indicate that something is buried there. In my experience working cold cases and a "Dig," investigators will more than likely have holes drilled in the pavement to allow odors to drift through the holes so that a cadaver dog can be used to determine if human remains are buried underneath. Discovering a void and a "hit" from the cadaver dog will need an excavation. In order to confirm the existent of bones, the investigators should have a forensic anthropologist with them that will immediately be able to classify the bones as human or animal.

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