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The Missouri Triangle

Three Women Vanish Without a Trace

Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall

By: Jennifer J. Bland, CCS Contributor

June 7, 1992, kicked off one of the biggest searches in Missouri history for three missing women: Sherrill Levitt (47 years old), her daughter Suzie Streeter (19 years old), and Suzie’s friend and classmate, Stacy McCall (18 years old). They vanished without a trace from a Springfield home. The women have never been found and many questions still remain.

At the time of their disappearance, Suzie and Stacy had just graduated from Kickapoo High School on June 6, 1992. The two classmates were last seen on June 7th, about 2AM as they left from a graduation party at a friend and classmate’s house. The two girls had planned to stay at their friend’s house that night, but it became too crowded. So, they decided to spend the night at Suzie's mother, Sherrill Levitt's house. Both girls drove their vehicles to Sherrill's house so that they could meet friends later on at an amusement park. It now appears to have been a fatal error in judgment.

Evidence at the Levitt house placed the three ladies at the scene. Their pocketbooks, jewelry, clothing, cigarettes, keys, and cars were all at this location. The cars where still at the home at 1717 E. Delmar and even the family dog was there, but no other signs of the women. Beds in the home were unmade, but no evidence could detail when they were last used. The question that remains is what happened to them? The families of the potential victims notified the police within twelve hours of their disappearance and the police launched an official missing persons investigation.

Upon their arrival at the home, investigators recorded that the house bore no signs of a forced entry or that of a struggle. However, there was a broken porch globe, but the bulb itself was still working. A few witnesses have described a suspicious late model green Dodge van in and around the area driven by a blonde woman, but police were unable to locate it.

The following questions must be answered:
  1. Did the women know their abductor? There are no signs of a struggle, none of the neighbors heard anything unusual, and the dog didn’t alert anyone to the presence of a stranger?
  2. Law enforcement can assume that the women are not missing and were in fact abducted. What woman do you know that will leave all of their personal belongings behind and just leave? Maybe one, but all three ladies? Highly, unlikely.

This cold case remains unsolved and anyone with information is asked to call the Greater Springfield Area Crime Stoppers at 1-417-869-8477. All tips, leads and callers are kept strictly confidential. The public’s help is needed to solve this case.

About the Author

I was born in 1966 and currently live in Missouri where I research true crime stories after being intrigued with the murder of actress Sharon Tate. I write to inmates and receive letters daily from such people as Douglas Clark (The Sunset Murders-California's Death Row), & Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker-California's Death Row). I have letters from Micheal Skakel (The Martha Moxley Murder) and two letters from jail inmate Lucious Foster (Actress Jodie Foster's Father) & many others. I own a library of true-crime books & DVD movies ranging from The Alphabet Murders to The Zodiac Killer. I have been to The Eldorado Kansas Department of Corrections, where I visited with Dennis Rader in 2011.I have started Petitions online to help solve cold-cases/unsolved crimes, to gain public attention by media and T.V. sources including America's Most Wanted, Nancy Grace, & TruTV.

Jennifer can be contacted by mail:
Jennifer Bland
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