Thursday, June 21, 2012

Help Solve a Cold Case

©2012 Joseph L. Giacalone

Help Solve a Cold Case

By: Joseph L. Giacalone

Would you like to help solve an unsolved murder, missing person or other type of cold case? The Cold Case Squad Blog would like to reach out to family members, friends, media and law enforcement agencies to have a particular case highlighted on the Blog in the hopes of drawing attention to the case. Many cases lack the attention that they deserve and we at the Cold Case Squad Blog would like to provided an additional avenue to establish connections to those that seek closure and justice.

If you have a case that you would like to have highlighted on the Cold Case Squad Blog, please read How to Request a Cold Case to be Reexamined first. It details many of the things that family, friends and investigating agencies need to know.

Then we will need the following for publication:

  • Prepare a synopsis of the case to be published on the site
  • Be sure to include the victim(s)'s name, age - electronic photo(s) if available
  • Location of the event - specific
  • What is known so far - include any solvability factors that are known, i.e. DNA, eyewitnesses, etc.
  • Investigating agency's name, number, investigator's name (if known), website URL
  • Links to any articles, videos, memorial pages, police department pages, etc.
  • Crime Stoppers Reward information if applicable
Please do not insert any thoughts, feelings, speculation or opinions about the case or suspects, etc., in the synopsis.

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