Monday, July 11, 2011

The Social Media Canvass: A 21st Century Law Enforcement Tool

The Social Media Canvass

Law Enforcement Uses 21st Century Tool to Solve Crime

By: Joseph L. Giacalone

When a violent crime occurs and the police respond they begin to establish a command post where they plan on where and how to conduct the canvass for additional witnesses. There are many types of canvasses that the police conduct and now we have one with a 21st century twist. Properly conducted canvasses SHAVES hours off investigative time. Here are the different types of canvasses investigators should deploy during a major investigation:
Surveillance Camera Canvass
Hospital Canvass
Additional Witness Canvass
Vehicle Canvass
Evidence Canvass
Social Media Canvass
At the makeshift command post an investigative strategy takes place with the supervisor and the investigators. They develop a plan on what buildings to canvass first for additional witnesses. Generally, they start with the building that faces the scene and spiral outwards from there. However, before doing the traditional canvasses, investigators have a new tool at their disposal, the Social Media Canvass.

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