Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Disappearance of Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer

A guest post by Laura Townsend:

Family Photo Courtesy of Laura Townsend

Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer disappeared Saturday, April 12, 1986. She left a party in Katy, Texas, around 1 A.M. and was never seen again. Elizabeth arrived with a group of friends but decided to leave with a man she met at the party. 

My parents reported Elizabeth as a missing person within one week. Initially, police talked to the group of friends who went to the party with my sister, and they also questioned the man she was last seen with. Little was done other than speaking with these witnesses.

The overall conclusion was that a) she probably ran away or b) she was presumed dead but without evidence (her body), a crime had not committed. Police never checked the man’s home or vehicle for additional evidence, and despite reports that the man had passed a polygraph, the test was never administered.

Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer’s case remains unsolved. As of today, no one can be held accountable for a crime.I believe my sister was murdered on Sunday, April 13, 1986. I believe she wanted to go home but was held against her will. I also believe that in Elizabeth’s determination to go home, she bravely fought for her life. That fight led to her murder.  

I am Elizabeth’s sister, her greatest advocate, and I want answers.

Captain Gay Dickerson of the Katy Police Department is the second investigator to head up the case. She’s worked tirelessly on Elizabeth’s behalf for over 10 years, and has uncovered much-needed, fresh information. It’s an uphill battle, however, as the case is old, people forget, and certain individuals refuse to cooperate.

Elizabeth had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and there are several reports that my sister had a bad habit of not coming home. Truth is, Elizabeth ran in several different social circles, and she would hole up with whoever she was with. However, my parents typically knew how and where to reach her. Elizabeth never ran away.

Despite accounts of a troubled family history, Elizabeth deserves justice. Elizabeth was a sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, and friend. She was loved by everyone. Captain Dickerson has repeated to me, many times, how everyone who knew Elizabeth thought she was a great person. She is sorely missed by countless friends and family members.

It’s been over 25 years since my sister left that party in Katy, Texas. Elizabeth’s disappearance is hurtful and troubling. My family wants answers. Although the current investigation has uncovered much-needed information, without my sister’s body, we are still at square one. 

If you have any information related to Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer’s disappearance, if you were at the party Elizabeth went to on April 12, 1986, or if you have spoken to the man Elizabeth left with, please contact Captain Gay Dickerson at 281-391-4848. With a bit more information, we can easily solve my sister’s case.

Laura Pfeifer Townshend is a writer/blogger living in the western Hill Country of Central Texas. She maintains, a blog dedicated to her sister. Follow @UnsolvedCases on Twitter or email for more information.

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