Friday, April 15, 2011

No Profile in Long Island Serial Killer Case?

No Profile for the Long Island Serial Killer

Law Enforcement Stumped with Tricky Case

By: Joseph L. Giacalone
I have received some E-Mail questions on why there is no “profile” yet for the Long Island Serial Killer? First and foremost there is a dearth of information coming from the investigation and this is a good thing.  Half baked theories and jumping to conclusions are never used as the bedrock for solving tough cases.

The Suffolk County Police Department has done an excellent job maintaining a lid on leaks to the press in the serial killer case. In any major investigation, especially a high profile case like this one, it is important to keep most of the facts close to the vest. Why do you ask? Because you will get all kinds of people “confessing” to the murders and tying up investigators and eating up valuable time. For example, the famous Black Dahlia case from Los Angeles, California, has had over 500 people “confess” to the murder.

“Profiles” from “experts” have found their way into the media so far in the case, but more will creep out with inane and rehashed information: i.e. white male, lives at home with Mom, lost his job, dishonorably discharged from the military and drives a Volkswagen – the same info that has been used for decades.  It is impossible at the moment for an outsider to profile this case-not enough information has been released and any real expert would tell you that. What we do know however, is that serial killers prefer prostitutes as their main target.  They are willing to get into a vehicle, go to undisclosed places and quite frankly, other then their family members, no one is looking for them.

The police will revert to old fashioned police work to solve this case.  Since, as far as we know, no forensic or DNA evidence has been recovered due to the length of time that these bodies have been exposed to the elements.  The police will conduct canvasses, conduct interviews with prostitutes; examine lists of sexual predators, subpoena records from Craigslist, look into recently released offenders and conduct reverse prostitution stings that target the “johns.”

For now, the public must be patient and let the police work at their own pace, some things cannot be forced. Let’s leave the profiling up to the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI.

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