Friday, December 3, 2010

UPDATED: Disney's Town Has First Homicide

Disney's Town Has First Murder

By: Joseph L. Giacalone

The Town of Celebration, Florida, recorded it's first ever homicide and no one has been arrested yet. The Victim, 58 year old Matteo Giovanditto, was found on the kitchen floor, with a blanket over his body and the victim's corvette was found abandoned behind an apartment complex.

The police did not state how the victim died, but said that the public had nothing to fear - hmmm. If you were to break this case down and try to determine who and why Matteo was murdered, I would go with one person: a significant other or very close family member. Generally, in cases where the victim was found covered, shows some shame on the part of the perpetrator - he/she knew him well.  ecause the police left out how the victim was killed, we don't know if he was killed viciously, i.e. overkill: multiple stab wounds, bludgeoned, etc. - which shows lots of anger on the part of the perpetrator. In addition, the police make no mention of a break-in at the condo, which would lead investigators to believe that the victim knew their killer and let him/her in.

Let me know your thoughts, feelings, agreements/disagreements.

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UPDATE: 12/8/2010
It may be too early to say, but the assessment of the circumstances surrounding the murder were correct:

Arrest is made of a homeless man who stated the victim and he had an on again off again relationship, and that the victim tried to force sex on him as well as put something in his food.  Read the updated Associated Press article here.

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