Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Man Sentenced in 1994 Cold Case Slaying

Randall Knight was sentenced to 24 years in a federal prison for murdering his lover's husband, Andie Gaspar.  Knight had carried on an extensive affair with the other man's wife, until she convinced him to commit the murder.  Initially, Knight was arrested for the murder, but was released, causing the case to go cold, a sure sign that they had the right man.  Years later, FBI Agents and Cold Case Detectives unraveled the mystery and were able to get Knight to confess. This case would be a good one for Investigation Discovery's, "I almost got away with it."

Investigators can always count on remorse and guilt to eat away at a suspect's subconscious, paving the way for the right investigator asking the right questions.

One of the 3 motives most often used for murder, which I call the Homicide Triangle, Love, Money and Drugs, proved correct once again.   
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  1. First of all as a supervisor i would definitely have a recording of Knight confessing to the murder. I would also interview the woman involved in the love triangle and analyze her side of the story. The reason being because Knight could have killed the victim on his own due to jealousy and frustration. I feel that the first time around their wasn't a good enough investigation because their was definitely a lack of evidence. Knight should have been convicted the first time around due to the fact he could have easily gotten away with murder.

  2. Thanks to the FBI's involvement, this cold case was closed after 16 years. I don't know, how intensive the investigative work was on this case was, but the prosecutor should have waited to obtain more evidence before taking this case to court. The facts that surrounded the case where a little too obvious and the investigators should had dug deeper into Knight's and Cheryl's character. Knight and Cheryl must have maintained some type of communication in their love affair, so maybe phone records should had been checked. Her husband's life insurance should had raised concerns to investigators. The collection of the right facts, investigative details, and confessions should have closed this case back in 1994. One of the most important steps in convicting and locking up criminals is obtaining enough evidence and facts before the trial to avoid acquittals.

  3. PSC 201 Martinez
    I think in this case investigator are right to feel no remorse for this man. Yes he was living with this guilt for 16 years which is torture in itself. To feel as though you should feel sorry for this man because he felt bad for what he has done. Why should anyone feel bad for him he killed a man just because he was married to the women he was or felt he was in love with. Just because knight feels bad for what he done that cant bring back Andie. Knight thought he could get away with it but he was wrong, its the only reason why he added when speaking to investigators. That he feel so bad for what he did, so they can re think his sentence. To allow someone to force you to kill someone that they claimed they loved which is her husband. Would knight really think that this mans wife loved him?