Thursday, November 4, 2010

DNA Links Orlando Man to Murder of Elderly Woman from 1996

An Orlando man's DNA finally caught up to him in a 14 year old cold case murder of an elderly woman from Orlando.  The conviction can lead to a life sentence, but has not been decided yet.

Back in 1996 he broke into a home to steal property for crack.  While he was prowling around the house encountered the homeowner, an elderly female.  He panicked and strangled the helpless victim.  Later on that evening, his car was spotted at a local crack house.

Once again, my Homicide Triangle, Love, Money and Drugs proves true.
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  1. It took 14 years to finally take Lawrence Keith Jonson off the street! The problem I am having is why it took so long. This monster forcibly entered the home of Anne Kiger, a 75 year old elderly woman and strangled the victim. He then proceeded to take a 19-inch television from her home. I am sure that the suspect left behind evidence that would have nailed him sooner. Another problem I am having is that deputies from Palm Beach County had witness the victim’s vehicle leaving a crack house that was later involved in an accident, and abandoned along a canal bank near woods were the suspect resided. I see a lot of flaws in the investigation, no wander it took 14 years to solve, these deputies lack investigative skills! Thank goodness for forensic evidence and the skillful knowledge of cold case investigators.