Sunday, November 7, 2010

Denver Cold Case Squad Cracking Cold Cases

Denver Cold Case Squad

By: Joseph Giacalone

Since its inception in 2004, the Denver Cold Case Squad has closed more than 75 cases, including capturing the serial rapist, Byron Gay.  Gay had been responsible for the 1990's abduction and rape of three women.

Their approach is nothing new to cold case investigations, however, their determination and persistence has paid off.  They identify cases with solvability factors,  such as forensic and DNA evidence first and then submit any profiles into the CODIS database.  In the past few years, fourteen (14) cases have developed suspects, of which nine (9) have been arrested and charged.  The District Attorney plays an extremely important role in closing cold cases, because they have the sole decision to prosecute.  In cold case investigations the detectives develop leads and evidence, but must rely on the District Attorney to move on the case, even if probable cause has been established. 

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