Saturday, November 6, 2010

Death Penalty Looms for Cold Case Murderer

Columbus, Ohio 1991- The victim, was found tied to the bed and stabbed multiple times in the chest.  The victim's daughter found her mother a short time later and called the police.  The killer has been on the loose since.  Members of the Cold Case Squad resurrected the case last when DNA provided a suspect, Richard Allen Fugate, who was subsequently arrested for Murder, Burglary, Kidnapping and a slew of other charges.

Like most homicides, the victim new her attacker.  She had apparently hired him a few weeks before the murder to do work on the house, a fatal mistake.  Now, Fugate is facing the death penalty.
What do you think?
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  1. Hes a sickk mann... Fugate obviously had no heart. And im happy with the new technology of the forensics evidence. He deserved what he got, but what do you expect like most victims know their attackers and their rapists. Poor victim hired Fugate to work for her and yet she was killed a few weeks later.

  2. The Columbus PD did a great job with not throwing this case on the back burner even though they have over 600 unsolved cold cases( Just like many other rape and murder cases the victim knew the attacker.About 85 to 90 percent of sexual assaults reported by women are perpetrated by someone known to the victim (National Institute of Justice 2008). The use of forensic technology is a great tool for police departments everywhere but this case shows that even without solid forensic evidence the police have a major impact on this case by not giving up. The police from the very beginning had Fugate as a suspect but the DNA evidence wasn't sufficient at the time but now they had enough to solidify their suspicions. This murder was tragic and heinous and hopefully even though the daughter wont be able to have her mother at least she can take solace in the fact that the vicious attacker will be put to justice. He is set to be arraigned on Wednesday the 10th and I want to follow this case. Although this case is potentially closed because of the DNA it was the grit and determination of the detectives that kept this case alive. Proving that police departments shouldn't always rely on DNA but instead they should rely on the detectives themselves.

  3. I'm all for giving this guy the dealth penalty. I'm all for punishment should fit the crime but sometimes the punishment is no where near the crime and some of these murderers get off easy by getting sent off to prison. I believe in eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. I find it amazing how 20 years later they were able to connect this guy to the murder. Technology is making great advancements. I'm happy for the daughter now she can have some sort of closure knowing justice is being served and her mother's killer is not walking around a free man.

  4. Granting this sick man the death penalty would be an easy way out, life in prison would be better suited.What he did to this woman was sick ,tied her up to her bed rapped ,stabbed and robbed her.The article was published on November,4 2010 but the crime took place in 1991 ,it took prosecutors 19 years to sentence this man due to advancement in DNA.

  5. The death penalty is the right punishment for the crime committed by Richard Allen Fugate, as Alexis mentioned above “I believe in eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” and I follow the same theory.
    I strongly believe that in cases where the defendant is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt such as DNA the felon shouldn’t be given does an absurd jail sentence such as 100 years to life without parole or 3 life sentences.
    When spending time in jail they already have nothing to loose after receiving death sentence. However while being in jail most likely they would hurt another inmate or correction officer for higher reputation. The point what I’m trying to make is that they will do no good and we as taxpayers will still have to support that kind of people by paying taxes. And to support my fact I found approximately how much money the government spends on prisoner sentences for life.
    “cost of confining an inmate to death row, as compared to the maximum security prisons where those sentenced to life without possibility of parole ordinarily serve their sentences, is $90,000 per year per inmate.”

  6. DNA cannot lie and is mostly reliable in solving cases such as these. I find the advent of such technology to be a valued asset to law enforcement and to bringing closure to the victim. With new advancements in DNA, many cold cases can be solved. DNA provides new hope to countless cold cases.

  7. This case might seem straight to the point but there is allot to think about! Yes in 1991, Richard Allen Fugate committed a devastating crime by entering the home of victim, tied her up, raped and maliciously stabbed her to death. This sounds like the worst of the worst of which you can hear! When the victims own daughter discovers her mother dead makes the case look even worse in the defense Mr. Fugate. The Questions in which I would want to know are , What time of the day was this approximately ?, what time did the victims daughter discover the mother dead?, who was home that day and were was everyone that day ? . These questions might sound irrelevant but it could be possible that it wasn’t only Mr. Fugate involved in this murder. In the world today technology is making It easier and easier for prosecutors to prove there case. DNA being one of the most effective, Mr. Fugate defense would be diminished due to his DNA showing on the body of the victim. Sadly to say this is a perfect case to prove that most rapes are done by someone you know or someone you have encountered before on more then a randomly basis. In this case Mr. Fugate has done work in the house prior to the crime. To answer the main question of should Mr. Fugate be put to the death penalty? , I would have to say YES because he know exactly who the victim was, had some what of plan of which he was going to do, making it pre meditated, and also because of the basic fact there is no helping this man he is not sane and no Rehab will ever help someone who has a taught pattern of him. He is a danger to society and also a danger to other inmates in prison. The crime in which he committed was a pre meditated malicious act which should result in the Death penalty and it wont and should not be considered cruel and unusual!

  8. This case shows how vital forensic technology is to helping solve murders. After so many years, one would think the case would never be solved. Technological advances in DNA will always allow a suspect to become convicted even though it can take many years such as this case.
    Furthermore, the death penalty is very justifiable in this situation. The death was very cruel and a number of years in prison are not enough to punish this man.

  9. Thanks to advancement of the DNA and those Police Departments that never quit trying to get an answer,This type of things make me feel there's still something left in this country...
    I really don't like the idea of him getting the death penalty , because there are better things to do with people like Mr.Fugate ...
    @ Angelika - I will gladly pay an extra cent of taxes to hear a report how they put Mr.Fugate in some Waterboarding a least 16 minute per day , and yeah true the government should design another type of prison to separate this type of criminals from regular criminals...
    I makes not sense killing him and deprive him of his electrical feelings, What about general deterrence ? ...

  10. PSC201MiRi
    When it comes to the opinion on whether the Death Penalty should be given to Richard Allen Fugate, I would say that this would be the right decision based on the heinous and violent crime that he committed on Nancy Leslie in 1991. I believe that his punishment should fit his crime, and in this case it would be death. In 1991 he raped and then murdered her by stabbing her in the chest with a knife while she was tied up. This shows that he planned this because he was hired to work on her house, and also that he took his time and had no remorse for her or her family. This affects her family such as her daughter who discovered the body and has to live with that image in her head and will most likely never be the same person again. If there is a positive to this case, it would only be that the family got closure and that the advancement in technology is having a big impact on past crimes and is helping to capture more criminals. Although some would say that life in prison would be better to make him suffer or that he should be executed because it saves money, I think that death would be the most effective punishment in this case. Because not only was his crime extremely brutal but to me, death is the ultimate punishment for vicious people such as Fugate because if they are given life in prison they still have the pleasure of being alive no matter what environment they’re in, but death is the end, point blank and there is no coming back from that.

  11. PSC 201 Martinez

    This poor women hired Richard Fugate not even thinking or crossing her mind at all that he was a criminal. Most likely the whole time that he was working on her house. He was plotting and planning ways to probably steal this womens belongings and killing her. This man probably had crimes that he had committed even before meeting the victim. Receiving the Death Penalty as an Investigator i would feel this is the easy way out. He already being arrested for everything else in the book including murder. Before, this cold case was reopened so he should just spend life in prison.