Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dallas Police Refocus on Cold Cases

Dallas Police Refocus on Cold Cases

Cold Case Problem Grows

By: Joseph L. Giacalone

The Dallas Police Department's Cold Case Squad will re-focus its efforts on sexual offense related cold cases, citing three problems that plague their squad (as well as every other department):
  1. Thousands of unsolved cases - including murder, rapes, and missing persons
  2. Government funding - with Federal and State budget tightening, many departments can't afford the expenses of reopening and investigating cold cases without the grant money that generally has been provided to close cold cases
  3. The spike in crime in many jurisdictions have bogged down investigators looking to stem the tide of violence
 Solving cold cases are important for two (2) main reasons:

  1. The victim's family are still seeking justice and closure.
  2. When perpetrators are not apprehended it provides the opportunity for further victimization.
What are your thoughts?

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  1. It is important to solve rape cold cases because many men were arrested and incarcerated before DNA was discovered. They might have been innocent and wrongfully convicted on false evidence. DNA could help release these men but in order for that to happen the cases must be reopened and investigated using this new evidence. If the wrong person was incarcerated that means the person who actually committed the crime might still be out in the community possibly committing other crimes. I feel that money should be provided to the police departments so that they can try and solve these cold cases. It may not be possible to solve each one but any one that is will help.

  2. All these unsolved cases will haunt us down in the future. Many people were accused of crimes they didnt commit while the criminals are out in the streets still free. Solving the cold cases will help the victims family by knowing who hurt their family member. DNA plays a major role in these kind of cases because it will help us find all the criminals, maybe not all but most. Leaving the criminals out there is wrong because they can commit other crimes while others are being prosecuted. Money shouldnt be a problem to the police departments because money should be given to them as much as they need, this is helping our communities. This money is going to something serious, reopening cases and investigating cold cases will find criminals and decrease crimes. PSC 201 AD RED

  3. The Broken Windows theory fits best for this cause. Me as the "Supervisor" I would have my subordinates crack down on the small crimes to prevent the big crimes from happening. The goal is to leave no case unsolved, and instead of having different units assigned to every case, ill institute more of a community based relationship where the community can help out in solving the crime with rewards and allowing community based security run by the community itself. That would help out on the money issue focus on solving the crimes itself. PSC301OMEL

  4. My name is Mercedes Anderson and about 3 months ago I had to tell my family that their sister who was murdered in November of 1979 cases was never solved and this whole time they were under the impression that my aunts boyfriend had be charged and sent to jail, but apparently he was found not guilty. I was wondering if ANYONE could help me and my family put this to rest. I have yet to find any cold case detectives in dallas texas where the murder took place and I am praying that someone can help us out. My email address is Mercedes.Anderson@icloud if you know of anyone that can help me and my family it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you