Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arkansas Cold Case Squad Airing Murder from 2000 on TV Tonight

Will Price was driving home on a snow laden road in Arkansas in January 2000, when his car struck a utility pole.  When the police and EMS arrived, they found Mr. Price had suffered a gun shot wound to the leg and armpit.

Price was a director of a local nursing home and was transporting workers to and from their homes in order to keep the proper staffing levels.  It is unknown who shot price, but during a canvass for surveillance video, a local liquor store supplied footage of the actual shooting.  Due to weather conditions, the image of the perpetrator is unclear, however all video surveillance has value. In addition, as you can see from the photos, weather can play havoc on a crime scene.

THV 11 Arkansas tonight will air the case including the video footage in hopes that someone may identify the perpetrator by an article of clothing, or some other personal manner the killer had.
 Crime Scene Photos from

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  1. Billy Palbalkar - PSC301 - As a supervisor I would like to have this case closed because having the case open shows the Police Department is unable to find the suspects. In this particular case the Detectives were out of luck due to the snowy weather. In this situation I would like the detectives to do a thorough investigation which means doing interviews with people that Will Prince worked with and the employees he drove home that night. Also I would want the investigators to interview anyone from the store if it was open to see if they saw someone.

    For training purposes during roll call I would like the first car on scene to secure the area and try to get as much witnesses as possible.

  2. As a supervisor I would direct my subordinates to traces the bullet and possible locate where it origniated from. I would have detectives talk to the liquor store owners and analyze the surveillence footage in an attempt to get a lead and interview any witnesses that may have been in the area that night. The perpertrator may have tossed the gun into the snow or sorrounding areas behind the treeline. When the snow clears I would order a team to try and find the weapon.

  3. Suung Bae
    PSC 301
    As a supervisor, i want to close this case.
    It snowed six and a half inches in one day and there was no eyewitness.
    when snow season starts, many people stay in the house.So it is hard to find a evidence of this case. The Video surveillance camera from a liquor store captured murders, but it is hard to see the image of murders. if there was more servillance cameras, it might helps us to find something.I cam very sorry for Mrs. Price and i know she is having a hard time but i can not continue this case.