Thursday, November 25, 2010

30 Year Old Brutal Triple Murder Cold Case Solved in the UK

The case went unnoticed for decades until a reporter started to write a book on a well known English soccer player.  After stumbling upon some interesting facts, the reporter contacted the police in regards to the 30 year old triple murder of a mother and two young daughters.  The information supplied provided the springboard to relaunch the investigation.

The victims, Norma Richards, 27, and her daughter, 7 and 11, were brutally murdered in July 1982.  Norma had been raped and stabbed numerous times - a sure sign that the perpetrator knew the victim and was very angry.  Overkill is quite evident in interpersonal relationships.  However, the police in this case mention only a "passing acquaintanceship."  The young girls also died horrific deaths.  The 11 year old was found stabbed and drowned in the tub and the seven year old was drowned also.

During the cold case review, detectives located evidence from the case that contained DNA.  DNA testing revealed that the semen recovered from the victim was that of Wilbert Dyce, who admitted having sexual intercourse with the victim.

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