Saturday, October 30, 2010

West Virginia Police Solve 23 year old Serial Rapes

West Virginia Police Solve Cold Case 

Series of Sexual Assaults Closed by Arrest

by: Joseph Giacalone
The police in West Virginia have arrested a man, that is already incarcerated, on a series of rapes that occurred in 1987. Donald Good, had already been serving 20 years when he received the news. The police have not revealed the evidence, but I would surmise that a CODIS hit has assured them that they have the right person.

Persistence and determination are the qualities of a good cold case investigator, who also has to survive the disappointment and frustration that is often involved. 

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  1. Sergeant of Detectives Notes to Detectives:
    Make sure a sample of the DNA is submitted to the FBI’s CODIS and NDIS database.
     Make sure we have a positive HIT on a suspect.
     Go over all the physical evidence –go physically to the locations where the crimes where committed
     Re-interview the victims and any witness with a new set of questions
     Re-interview the prior investigator and see if there is anything (s) he missed in his report.
     Try to get prior crime reports of similar Rapes in a 5 year period, review all crime charts of Rape and sexual assaults in the area.
     Review any info on any Registered Sex Offenders.
     Speak to the victim’s family, friend, neighbor if the victim had any bad relationships with prior boyfriends.
    Call the ADA to discus West Virginia’s “Statue of Limitation for the charge of Rape”
    - make sure we have a Felony charge NOT a Misdemeanor
    - Advise the new ADA with the names / numbers of current investigators.
    - Advise Detectives with the name. number of new ADA
    - Discuses with ADA “Rules of Engagement” in regards to interrogation of a prisoner that is in custody on a non-related charge.
    -Call other Police Dept to see if there are any cases with a similar MO.
    -Be vigilant and open minded to any new theory.
    -Discuses with ADA and Detectives a “Plane of Action” , Tactics that will be used to get a conviction and finally close this case.
    -Advise both Detectives and the ADA about “media leaks” and try not to release any information that can be used by the defense attorney.

    West Virginia: Statue of Limitation for the charge of Rape
    Limitation: Prosecution for rape may commence at any time. DNA Exception: No.
    As per:
    W. VA. CODE § 61-8B-3 Sexual assault, first degree
    Requires sexual intercourse or sexual intrusion
    No statute of limitations for any felony

    W. VA. CODE § 61-11-9 Limitation of prosecution
    For any misdemeanor, within one year after
    Commission of the offense

    Information compiled by RAINN and last updated December 2009. For more information, visit RAINN 2009.