Friday, October 29, 2010

Austin Texas Reopens 35 year old Cold Case

Texas Rangers Reexamine Old Mystery

Body Found in Brazos River

by: Joseph Giacalone

The Texas Rangers are reexamining a 35 year old case in an effort to identify the body of a woman discovered 35 years ago by two young boys that were fishing in the Brazos River on the morning of June 7, 1975. The most difficult part of the job is to obtain the identity of the victim.

The unidentified female was in good physical shape and had manicured hands. So the identity plays a vital role in any murder investigation. Why? Because statistics show we are victimized by someone we know at an alarming rate.

Sketch is in the article.
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  1. Reading the article you posted and a similar article i found online i would want to first take a look at all the photos of the body being found by the river while the skull is being looked into for DNA from the teeth. I want to know about the river the body was dumped. Is it a fast or slow moving river and weather reports from the day the body was found to 5 days prior. I want to get someone who can figure out more or less the speed of the river with the weight of the body to calculate a possible distance traveled so we could atleast get a possible site of interest where the body was dumped. With a possible site we could have a good starting point to where this person and killer possibly came from. I would also tell my investigator to seek out the professional opinion of a doctor/surgeon about the scar on the body where the spleen was removed. I want to know if the scar was done by someone with experience in the medical field or not. Hopefully with a possible dumping site of the body i would continue to have my officers reach out to the local media in the area with descriptions and a sketch of the victim. By knowing the identification of the body and more about the scars on the victims body it would help in determining who the victim is and the type of person (killer) we are looking for.